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Dailyooz Private Limited was founded by a Dubai based Security expert, to make life simpler and improve accessibility to simple things of life for everyone. Dailyooz is  an E-commerce tool, which not only confers customers the power to shop for any product or access any service with ease anytime, but also helps in comparing pricing & products on different websites. The rise in demand has resulted in tough competition in e-Commerce market, so, it is crucial to benefit maximally from the topmost, Pharmacy, Grocery and Food delivery businesses to your doorstep. this is what Dailyooz will do for you with deep understanding of the market.

Dailyooz Private Limited operates in India, with “Innovate” as our Business Mantra. Flexibility, Speed, Proactive approach, Passion to deliver , Qualitative Service deliveries, and prompt response to customers issues are some of our watchwords.

Our main objective is to provide the highest level of service to our clients, to meet and exceed their expectations. Dailyooz brings together various data across different channels for a single, actionable view of your prospects. It empowers you to gain insights in order to engage in meaningful ways along the entire customer journey.

For Support +91 9909101232

Email: info@dailyooz.com